Application Logic Settings

Insert / Edit Application Logic

Setting Description
Status  Set the status to active for any logic that will be used in a Slate application. Inactivate logic that is no longer used. Any inactive logic can be reactivated at any time should a process call for it again.
  • Keep organized by using folders. Select Other to create a new folder.
Type Select the type of application logic.
  • Submission Requirement - A submission requirement is a warning to the applicant that required data is missing from the application. Submission requirements can be created for any data in a Slate application. 
  • Group/Page Key - Group/page keys are used to show/hide pages within a Slate application conditionally.
Section Use section to select the page within the application on which the application logic is applied (for submission requirements only).
Name Provide a clear name that indicates what page key or submission requirement is and what it is used for.
Warning  Choose if the submission requirement should apply as a hard fail or soft fail on a Slate application (for submission requirements only).
Group Group is optional. Add a group to apply the requirement to only the application records who meet the group criteria. Slate will automatically include the filter criteria for the group in the requirement rule (for submission requirements only).
Base Select the base for adding filters that define the records to which the application logic is applied.
Filters Add filters to isolate that applicants who should see the message.
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