Giving Tab - Overview Settings


Setting Description
Activity Displays the distinct number of years a donor has given
Pledged/Planned A total sum of gifts that have been pledged or planned, but not yet received
Soft Credits Displays credit received for a gift by another person. This is excluded from calculations for personal giving
Lifetime Giving The total number and amount of hard credit gifts
Last Gift Displays the amount and date of the most recently received gift
First Gift Displays the amount and date of the first gift received
Giving Past Year Displays the total sum of gifts in the past 12 months (with date range)
Greatest Gift The largest gift received, including the date
Honored By Total amount and number of gifts given in honor of the record
Opportunities Displays the sum of received gifts, expected gifts, and initial asks associated with a record's opportunities
Pending Payments Displays payments currently in pending status (such as a e-check payment)
Recurring Payments Displays number and amount of recurring payments currently configured
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