Application Tab - Decision Settings

New Decision

Setting Description
Code Select a previously created decision code.
Reason Select a decision reason. Only the reasons associated with the selected decision code will appear as options.
Letter Select the decision letter associated with the decision code. Selecting "Default for Decision" to assign the default letter for the selected decision code. 
Confirmed This option moves the decision from a provisional to a confirmed status, defaulting to the current date and time.
Released This option will release the decision to the applicant when the date and time configured is met. Selecting this option immediately kicks off the post-decision automation process. Applicants will be notified if they meet ALL of the requirements for the decision notification status update email.
Expires This option allows for the removal of the decision from the applicant status page on a specific date.
Notification Selecting this option will administratively mark the decision as being viewed by the applicant. This element will automatically be checked when the student views their decision.
Comments Input administrative comments related to the decision. These comments are not viewable by the applicant.
Custom Letter Upload Upload a one-off custom PDF letter to the applicant.
Custom Letter Override Choose to display either only the custom letter or display both the custom letter and the previously assigned letter.
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