Application Tab Settings - Edit Application Details

Edit Application Details

Setting Description
Round Administratively change the round of an applicant.
Extend Deadline This option allows for the manual override of round deadlines on an individual applicant basis. 
Submitted Administratively submit the application. The date and time defaults to the current date and time; however, this can be modified.
Priority An application priority guides the application rank, as it is the first table rank criteria. Following the priority, the ranking order is determined by the submission date (or created date, if unsubmitted).
Application ID This is the Application Slate ID. This ID is unique to the application. For example, while an applicant with multiple applications will only ever have a single Ref ID, each application will have a unique Application ID. This field is often used as a matching criteria for use in Upload Dataset.
External ID This field is primarily used for mapping an external application (such as CommonApp) to an applicant's record in Slate. This should not be used to house an SIS ID; rather, that should be created as a custom unique Field
Bin/Queue To edit the bin or queue for this application, click the workflows tab and click "Edit" for the default workflow.
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