Person Record: Application Tab Settings

Checklist (Insert Requirement)

Setting Description
Section  Select a previously created Checklist item or insert a custom checklist message.
Summary Add an ad-hoc checklist item. The text entered here is what is displayed to the applicant. Custom checklist items must be marked as "Received" administratively from the Student Record.
Effective Date The date the checklist item will display on the student record.
Expiration  The date the checklist item will disappear from the student record. The checklist item remains visible administratively.
Active Selecting the Active option keeps the checklist item available to both the applicant and administrative users. Not selecting the Active option will hide the checklist item from the applicant and administrative users.
Optional Selecting this option displays an "Optional" tag for the checklist item on the status page.

Materials (Insert Material)

Setting Description
Record Associate the material with either a specific application or the folio. Selecting folio means that the item will fulfill checklist items for any application associated with the record. Selecting an application will allow the material to only fulfill checklist items related to that application.
Material Select the appropriate, previously created, material type.
Memo This optional section will be displayed after the material name in the description.
Source Choose whether to upload a digital PDF / document or scan the material directly.
Scanner Preset Select the size and configuration for the office scanner being used.
Upload Document Select the material to be uploaded from a computer or network location.

Decisions (New Decision)

Setting Description
Code Select a previously createddecision code.
Reason Select adecision reason. Only the reasons associated with the selected decision code will appear as options.
Letter Select thedecision letterassociated with the decision code. Selecting "Default for Decision" to assign the default letter for the selected decision code. 
Confirmed This option moves the decision from a provisional to a confirmed status, defaulting to the current date and time.
Released This option willrelease the decisionto the applicant when the date and time configured is met. Selecting this option immediately kicks off the post-decision automation process. Applicants will be notified if they meet ALL of the requirements for thedecision notification status update email.
Expires This option allows for the removal of the decision from the applicant status page on a specific date.
Notification Selecting this option will administratively mark the decision as being viewed by the applicant. This element will automatically be checked when the student views their decision.
Comments Input administrative comments related to the decision. These comments are not viewable by the applicant.
Custom Letter Upload Upload a one-off custom PDF letter to the applicant.
Custom Letter Override Choose to display either only the custom letter or display both the custom letter and the previously assigned letter.

Activities (New Activity)

Setting Description
User The administrative Slate user associated with adding the interaction.
Code Select the Activity or Interaction code to be inserted on the application or person record. Additional options may be available depending on the type of code selected.

When adding an activity to an application, typically, users will insert payment activities or modify form/event registrations in this section. Additional options may be available depending on the type of code selected.
Subcode The subcode further categorizes the type of activity.
Category Select the appropriate application-scoped form or event registration folder for the activity.
Instance Select the individual instance within the folder to identify the exact form or event registration to be added as an application activity.
Status Choose to insert the activity with the applicant as registered, attended, or no-show for the forms and events registration.
Date Select the date the activity takes place. This date defaults to the current date and time.
Payment Type Choose whether the payment activity is due, received, waived, or refunded.
Payment Amount Enter the amount associated with the payment type.
Payment Account Choose which payment account should be associated with this payment activity. 
Subject This subject displays under the Activities section of the application tab as well as the timeline on the person record. For aWatch Flag, the subject is what displays on the top of the entire person record.
Private Comments These comments are visible only upon clicking in to the interaction from the Timeline and are not displayed to the student/person.
Public Selecting this option allows the subject and public comments to be visible to the student/person through their application status portal.
Public Comments  These comments will be displayed to the applicant/person.
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