Relationship Settings

New Relationship

Setting Description
Relationship Record Select whether the relative being entered already has a record within Slate. 
Lookup Record If relative exists as record in Slate, use Lookup Record to link the record.
Type Select the appropriate relationship type prompt. Custom relationship types can be created/modified by Configuring Slate Standard Fields and Prompts.
Inverse Relation Type Select the relationship type from the perspective of the relative record.
Prefix Select the appropriate prefix prompt. Custom prompt lists can be defined by using a key of 'prefix.'
Name Information Enter the name of the relative.
Email Enter the email address of the relative.
Phone Enter the phone number of the relative.
Birthdate Enter the birthdate of the relative.
Age Enter the age of the relative.
Deceased Select if the relative is deceased.
Resides with Record Select if the relative resides with the record.
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