Edit Slate ID Settings

Edit Slate ID

Internal ID Often referred to as the REF ID, this ID is the integer value of the ref column on the person table. It is automatically assigned and cannot be updated. This field is often used as a matching criteria for use in Upload Dataset.  
Override ID If a match was made from previous matching criteria, and the Slate ID does not match, then an override ID will be set/updated for the record, and the Slate ID will appear as this new value on the record.
External ID The external ID for the person record is often generated by an external system and brought into Slate during an import process (from an SIS, finance feed, etc.).
SSO Username The username that will allow access to Slate using an institution's single sign-on. As detailed in the article on Single Sign-On, the Upload Dataset destination for this field is Record > Slate User Login Override.
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