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Setting Description
Institution  Begin typing the name of the institution to engage the Autosuggest functionality. If selected from the Organizations dataset, the School Code, Country, City, and State will pre-populate.  If the organization is not auto-suggested, enter data for Institution, School Code, Country, City, and State.
School Code If not pre-populated, enter the unique identifier for the school (CEEB).
Dates Attended Enter the dates the student attended the selected institution.
Level of Study Select the Level of Study from the prompt values provided. Existing values may be modified and additional types may be added by configuring the Slate Standard Fields & Prompts.
Priority The school's priority guides the application rank, as it is the first table rank criteria. Following the Priority, the ranking order is determined by Attended Date (To, if it exists. Otherwise, Attended Date: From), Created Date, then ID.
Degree  Select the degree associated with the school. By default, 'Degree' is the only value (which saves as a null value). Prompts created with a key of 'degree' can be created to add additional values to the list and can be displayed based on the 'Level of Study.'
Date Conferred or Expected Enter the date the Degree was confirmed (or expected to be confirmed).
Major  Enter the student's major. By default, 'Major' is a text box field. Adding prompts with the key of 'major' will automatically change this text box field to a select list.
Major 2 A second major option can be accessed only when the 'major' prompt exists.
Minor A 'Minor' field can only be accessed when the 'major' prompt exists.
Field of Study If desired, a 'Field of Study' field can be enabled by creating a prompt with a key of 'field'.
GPA  Enter the student's GPA. By default, the 'GPA Scale' is a text box. Adding prompts with a key of 'school_gpascale' will automatically change this text box to a select list.
Recalculated GPA  Enter a recalculated GPA.
Class Rank This field can be used to compare performance to that of others from in the same class.
Credit Hours If available, include any credit hours received from the institution.
Language If desired, indicate English is the primary language of instruction at the institution.
Website If desired, include the website address of the institution attended.
Honors By default, 'Honors' is a text box field. Adding prompts with the key of 'honors' will automatically change this text box field to a select list.
Awards Enter text for Awards received.
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