Event Settings


Setting Description
Folder Important: Create a folder for event templates and events. Folders are critical! Events will be publicized based on folder names. Be sure to provide clear and informative folder names (e.g., “Campus Tours”).
Status When creating a template, set the status to active or inactive; new events will inherit this active or inactive status if they are associated with a template. An event status should reflect whether the event is confirmed/active, tentative, cancelled, or declined.
Recurrence  If creating more than one event, click the recurrence box.
Date Provide a date and time for the event. If this is a recurring event, provide a date range.  If no time is provided, Slate will use 12:00 AM on that date.
Deadline Provide a deadline, if required. If no deadline is provided, Slate will use the Start Time.
Activation Date/Time Provide an activation date/time, if required. If no activation date/time is provided, registrants will be able to submit the form upon marking the status as confirmed/active and publishing the link externally.
Timezone The timezone setting 'Autodetect from Location' will use the information entered on the location tab to determine the timezone of event.
Registrant Limit If this type of event has a registrant limit, this may be set that at the template level. Events using this template will honor this limit unless a different registrant limit has been set on the individual event.
Waitlist Set a waitlist limit, if required.
Attendance Tally Override Enter the number of actual attendees for the event to override the number of registrations.
Waitlist Transfer Events with registrant limits can be set to auto-transfer from the waitlist. This will move the earliest waitlist registrant and their guests off of the waitlist and will update their event registration to registered when there is enough space. For example, if a waitlist registrant has two guests, and one person cancels, the waitlist registrant will not move to registered until two additional registrants (and/or guests) cancel.
Privacy Check this setting if the event should not be available on public landing pages.
User This will default to user's name but may be changed to another user.
User 2 Associate a second user with the event.
Trip Associate an event with a trip created using Trips.
Template Assign an event to a template. Events associated with a template will inherit the template's status, location, and any communications.
Admin Notify Email Send a notification email every time a new registration for the event is received. Enter an email address into this field. Note: multiple email addresses may be added, separated by a comma.
Related Records Add a related record to the event.



Setting Description
Online Event Select this setting if hosting an event using Slate's Share webinar platform.
Preserve Formatting All addresses are sent to the USPS for validation and standardization. Select this setting to prevent the address from being updated. This is generally useful for addresses where the USPS abbreviates a city name, or if a building name or room number information should be included.
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