Reader Bins (Legacy) Settings

Reader Bins

Setting Description
Workflow If a Workflow has been configured, the bin can be associated with the specific Workflow. Reader bins associated with the Default setting will be part of the primary reading process. 


This setting will more often than not be Applications. If a custom query base has been configured for the Reader, the Reader bin base must match.
Status Bins should be set to active in order display in the Reader.  Bins no longer in use should be set to inactive. Inactive bins will not display in the Reader.
Grouping Configure a grouping to separate bins into different bin structures, e.g. Graduate vs Undergrad bin flow.  
Order Defines the order of the bins within the structure.
Column Defines the column names within the bin structure.
Name Give the bin a name. This name will be visible administratively only.
Next Bins Insert Indicate which bins an application may move into from this bin. Adding bins here will restrict next bin movement options.
Next Bin Default Pre-populate the next bin destination with a default bin. 
Checkout Mode Allow an application to be in one reader's queue at a time (exclusive), or allow the application be in multiple queues at a time (non-exclusive).
Preset Automatically set the columns and filters for a specific bin based on a pre-set Reader query. 
Single Read Choose to warn readers if they have already read an application.
Blind Read Choose to show or hide previous readers who have reviewed an application.
Blind Video Choose to show or hide the video from displaying, but allow the audio.  When viewing videos within a portfolio, the most common setting is to Show video in portfolio. Hiding the video is most commonly used by music programs wishing to preserve anonymity. 
Anonymous Read Choose to show or hide the applicant's name.
Locked Allow or don't allow readers to manually add an application to their queues.
Processing Allow or don't allow reader to reassign materials when reading applications in a bin.
Annotations Privacy Allow readers to see all annotations or just their own annotations.
Queue Notifications See System Emails within Slate for more instructions.
Custom Read Permission Set a custom permission to control which users are able to view applications in the bin. 
Custom Move Permission Set a custom permission to control which users can select a bin in the next bin configuration. 
Move Anywhere Permission Create a custom permission to grant users the ability to send the application to any bin in the entire structure, not limited to the next bin configurations.
Move Into Bin Warning Create a warning to alert readers when moving an application into a particular bin.
Export Value Configure up to five export values for a bin. Export values can be used in exports to external systems, including student information systems.
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