Datasets Settings


Setting Description
Status Inactivate datasets that are no longer used without fear of losing data associated with them.
Name Enter the name of the Dataset.
Type A 'type' can be included, if desired. Use the following types to link:
  • school - Autosuggest on the Schools table
  • location - Autosuggest on Location Name for events
  • job - Autosuggest on the Jobs table
  • relation - Autosuggest on Relationships table and adds the Relationships tab within the dataset
  • gift_fund - Links the Funds dataset to the Fund field within the Giving table (for Advancement)
  • giving - Adds the Giving tab within the dataset (for Advancement)
Parent If the dataset has a Parent, select it from the dropdown.
Custom Icon Optional: Choose a custom icon to represent the dataset records in Lookup.
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