Datasets Settings

Setting Description
Status Inactivate datasets that are no longer used without fear of losing data associated with them.
Name Enter the name of the Dataset.

When building additional datasets or modifying existing datasets, the Type of the dataset can be modified to connect the dataset to existing Slate functionality. Use the following types to link:

  • school - Autosuggest on the Schools table
  • location - Autosuggest on Location Name for events
  • job - Autosuggest on the Jobs table
  • relation - Autosuggest on Relationships table and adds the Relationships tab within the dataset
  • gift_fund - Links the Funds dataset to the Fund field within the Giving table (for Advancement)
  • giving - Adds the Giving tab within the dataset (for Advancement)
Parent If the dataset has a Parent, select it from the dropdown.
Custom Icon Optional: Choose a custom icon to represent the dataset records in Lookup.
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