Tag Settings


Setting Description
Status  A tag no longer used should be set to Inactive.
  • Inactive tags will only be available administratively.
  • Active tags are available for selection externally on an application or form.
ID This is the code that Slate will use to store fields in the database. It is best practice to create an ID in lowercase with no spaces or special characters other than an underscore. Once this ID is set and in use, the ID should not be changed. This ID is used to store data in the database, and is not a value that most administrative staff will see.
Name Provide a name for the tag, which is visible administratively only and may be updated, even if data already exists for the field.
Dataset Optional: Add a dataset to include the tag in a dataset.

Select either Person or Application. 

  • Person: this will associate the tag with the person record, showing the tag on the Dashboard of the person record.
  • Application: this will associate the tag with the application record and can be set via a Tag rule; the tag will show in the Reader.
Warning Optional: Enter a warning message that will appear when a tag is being administratively set or unset.
Order When configured, the prompts in the prompt list will appear in the specified order. If left blank, the prompts will be displayed in alphabetical order.
Show in Reader This setting allows for tags to be visible when reading application.
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