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Setting Description
Page Title Displays the form name on the public registration page.
Internal Name (optional) Use this setting to give the form a name used internally only.  This name replace the name in the form listing and will not appear on a public registration page.


Select an existing folder for the form or select Other to create a new one.

There are four options in the Status dropdown box; Confirmed/Active, Tentative, Cancelled, and Declined.

  • Confirmed/Active - The Confirmed/Active setting will activate the URL to be accessible publicly.
  • Tentative - When creating a new form, this setting will default to tentative and will not be accessible publicly.
  • Cancelled - The Cancelled status may be used to retire the form once it is no longer needed for use; the form will no longer be accessible publicly.
  • Declined - The Declined status is often used if a supervisor needs to review the form and has declined the use of the form; the the form will not be accessible publicly.
Deadline Provide a deadline, if required. This setting will prevent external access to the form or event registration page after the deadline has passed.
Activation Date/Time Provide an activation date/time, if required. If no activation date/time is provided, registrants will be able to submit the form upon marking the status as confirmed/active and publishing the link externally.
Timezone The Timezone setting Autodetect from Location will use the information entered on the Location tab to determine the timezone of event.
Registrant Limit If this type of event has a registrant limit, this may be set at the template level. Events using this template will honor this limit unless a different registrant limit has been set on the individual event. Forms can also be given a limit.
Waitlist Transfer Select this setting to automatically transfer the earliest waitlist registrant and their guests off of the waitlist and update their event registration to registered. When waitlist transfer is activated, the waitlist will only start automatically moving waitlist registrants to registered when there is enough space. Only available on the Event Form.
Privacy Set the form to not display on public landing pages. 
User This will default to User name of the person setting up the form but may be changed to another user to be associated with the form/event.
Admin Notify Email Notify the administrator by email after a registration has been submitted for the event. The email listed at the event level will take priority over the email set up on the template level.
Related Records If a form or event is intended for students, but institutions can identify a small number of dataset records that should be attached to the form or event, the scope should be person or application, and the dataset records can be manually added using the Related Records field.

Form/Event Activation Date and Time

Registration forms configured with a status of 'Confirmed/Active' are immediately live. However, there may be times when an active form, event, or slot should keep registrants from filling out the form until a specified date and time, even if it is published externally on a website or landing page. The activation date and time setting allows individual forms, events, and slots to be configured for a specific go live date.

Using the Activation Date and Time Setting

Within a form, event, Scheduler slot, or when creating events in batch from a template of any of the above, provide an activation date and time within the form or event settings:

  1. Navigate to the desired form, event, or slot.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter the Activation Date and Time configuration in the Details tab in the dialog box. If adding an activation date and time when creating multiple events or slots in batch, enter a number of hours prior to the event's start time. This will apply to each event created with this action.

    Click the Slate Scholar Lightbulb    in the top left corner for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.

Once the activation date and time is configured, a custom unavailable message can be configured using the HTML editor.

activation date unavailable message

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