Resource Auditor

The Resource Auditor allows users to see active and ongoing items. When you click on a particular item, it displays more detailed information linked to the item. Days (Since Activity) displays the number of days since there was activity with that item:

Entity Days
Rules Days since rule affected a record
Forms Days since most recent form registration
Event Templates Days since most recent event date (this can be a negative number if events occur in the future)
Interview Templates Days since most recent interview date (this can be a negative number if interviews occur in the future)
Scheduled Exports Days since a scheduled export created a non-empty file
Active Mailings Days since a message was delivered
Scheduled Reports Days since report was updated
Source Formats Days since a source file was uploaded

You can use this page to determine if you should inactivate items/archive or find items that need to be updated for your next cycle.
All items in the list above can be archived, except Rules and Source Formats (which can be inactivated).

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