Event Landing Page Settings

Landing Page Configurations

Setting Description
Status Set the status to Active when you are ready for your landing page to go live.
Key The key determines the URL of the landing page, so it should not contain spaces or special characters, with the exception of dash and underscore. For example, campus-visit would result in the landing page: https://www.slateuniversity.edu/portal/campus-visit .
Name The name will appear at the top of the landing page.
Event Folders Select one or more folders that contain the events or interviews that should appear on the landing page.
Landing Page View Select the type of view for the landing page.
  • Calendar - A calendar displays on the side of the page with color-coded dates, allowing registrants to view available events by the date.
  • List View - Available upcoming events are listed on the page in chronological order.
  • Map View - A map appears on the page, displaying a star where available upcoming events are located.  Registrants are able to click on the stars on the map to view the list of events near that area.  Alternatively, a ZIP Code or Country/Region search can be used.  The options in the Country/Region dropdown are limited to those where upcoming events in the selected folders are located.
Country Restriction This setting is applicable only to the List View option. If a specific country is selected, then the list of events on the page will be limited to only those that are located within the selected country.
Description Use the WYSIWYG editor to display content, including instructions, on the landing page.
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