Prompts Settings


Setting Description
  • Active - Set the status to 'Active' for Prompts that are currently being used. These are available for selection externally on an application or form.
  • Inactive - Inactivate Prompts that are no longer used without fear of losing data associated with them.These will only be available administratively.
Key Prompts that share a key will be part of the same prompt list.  Prompts are associated with a custom field using the Key.
Value The value displays the human friendly name for an answer choice both administratively, and publicly (if made available).

In general, prompt IDs are stored when saving custom field data, so changing the prompt value will update the values visible when viewing records and exporting data.
Category The category allows for the configuration of subgroups among prompts.  These subgroups can be used for filtering, and they can also be displayed as headings (optgroups) on forms if the field is configured as a select list.
Short Value Optionally choose to configure a short value that will export as the default value instead of the actual value of the prompt. When a short value is configured, the actual value of the prompt can be exported by selecting an export value of 'Extended Value' within a query.
Index Value Some special prompt lists require an index value, including prompts with the keys:
  • language
  • school_type
  • sex
  • device_type
  • reference_type
  • activity_type

For other prompts, this setting is optional, and can be used as an extra custom value that can be accessed in data exports.

Export Value Configure up to 5 export values for a prompt.  Export values can be used in exports to external systems, including student information systems.
Order When configured, the prompts in the prompt list will appear in the specified order.  If left blank, the prompts will be displayed in alphabetical order.
Effective Date/Time When configured, the prompt value will behave as an Active prompt only if the current date/time is on or after the Effective Date/Time. This setting may be used to automatically activate a prompt option on a certain date.
Expires Date/Time When configured, the prompt value will behave as an active prompt only if the current date/time is before the Expires Date/Time. Expiring a prompt will cause the prompt to behave externally as if it is inactive, but will still be accessible internally.
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