Test Settings


Setting Description
Test ID Enter a code for the test type.  Unless the test type has subtypes, this code should be unique.  The code should not contain any special characters or spaces.
Status You can inactivate test types that are no longer used without fear of losing data associated with them.
Test Name Enter a name for the test type.
Subtype Enter a subtype name for test types with subtypes (For example, SAT Subject Scores)
Subtype Code Enter a unique code for the subtype.  Like the Test ID, this code should not contain any special characters or spaces.
Export Value Enter up to three export values.  These values can be used in exports to external systems, including your SIS.
Add to Checklist When set to Yes, this will automatically add a Score Report checklist item for this test type to the checklist when an applicant has a self-reported score associated with this test type.  The checklist item will be automatically fulfilled when the record has a verified test score associated with this test type.
Private If the test type should be viewed administratively only, set this to Hide from student.  If you want applicants to be able to view scores of this test type on a Slate-hosted application, set this to Display test score to student.
Help Text Add help text to the test score to display when applicants are adding a test score of this type using a Slate-hosted application. 
Expires After x Days This setting is optional. When set, test scores will be expired x days after the test date.  Expired scores are not ranked, and they will not be included in merge fields, standard filters, or standard exports.
Total Score Name Enter the name for the score that is associated with the particular component, if one exists.  Set this for Total, up to 17 numeric component scores, and one alpha score.
Total Score Mask If a score exists for the component, enter a score mask.  If the score will always be between 0 and 50, the mask should be set to #0.  This means that there will always be one digit, and an optional second digit.  If the score will always be between 200 and 800, then the mask should be set to 000.  The "0" is a required digit, and the "#" is an optional digit.
Total Percentile Select if the total or component scores will have percentiles associated with them.
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