Reader Tab Group Settings

Insert Reader Tab Groups

Setting Description
Status Set the status to Active to enable the tab.  An Inactive tab will not display.

Reader Tab Groups can be configured to display certain types of items within the Reader, or they can be configured to be used for PDF Downloads:

Reader Tab Types:

  • Materials - Show items in the Reader that can be configured using Reader Tab Materials.
  • Link - Display contents of an external website in the Reader.
  • Portfolio - Display Slate portfolio items in the Reader.
  • Video Essay/Interview - Display a Slate video essay/video interview in the Reader.

PDF Download Types:

  • Applicant PDF Download - Customize the materials included in the application proof available to applicants on the Status page and the Slate-hosted application Review page.
  • Admin PDF Download - Customize the materials available for administrative downloads of the application.
URL This setting is used for the Link type.  This setting is typically configured as a merge field containing the unique URL for the applicant.  For example, if you use an external vendor for video interviews, the URL might be configured as {{video_essay}} where video_essay is the ID of the field that stores the URL.
Name This is the display name for the tab.
Memo This setting is optional.  You may provide description information here.
Order This order will determine the order in which your tabs will appear.
Custom Read Permission You are able to restrict the ability to view particular tabs by setting a custom permission. If you leave this blank, then anyone with the ability to view the application within the selected base will be able to see this tab.
New Material Highlighting

This setting is for Reader Tabs only.  

  • Enable new material highlighting will change the tab name font to Green to show that a new material was associated with an application record after the current reader began to read the application.  For example, if John began to read an application on Monday morning, and a new transcript was received on Monday afternoon, the next time John opens that application in the Reader, the tab that contains the transcript will have green letters to indicate the new item.
  • Disable new material highlighting will always show the tab names in a black font. 
Color (optional)

When configured, the tab will have a color added to the side.  This is typically used to help differentiate certain tabs.  Possible colors include any hex color (e.g., #00669E), or any standard web color: aqua; black;  blue;  fuchsia;  gray;  green;  lime;  maroon;  navy;  olive;  orange;  purple;  red;  silver;  teal;  white;  yellow.



Select any Reader-enabled Applications base (for Reader / Application PDF downloads) or Folio-enabled Prospects base (for Folio Viewer).

Filters - This setting is optional and applies only to Reader Tabs. Once you select a Base, you are able to add filters to restrict which population should have this tab.  For example, if a tab should only appear for applications within a certain bin, use the Current Bin filter to restrict the tab.  



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