An Introduction to Your Slate for Student Success Database

This article is specifically tailored for institutions implementing our ready-to-use Student Success database.

The following article is your go-to resource for understanding your database's full range of pre-configured features and functionalities. 

This article serves as an extension to the themes and functionalities highlighted in the Student Success online courses (aka Learning Lab). The courses are designed to supplement your understanding, providing a robust framework to enhance your experience and proficiency with your database.

Getting Started

Test Records

We've set up Kendrick Bednell, as a dedicated student record and Sarine Telfer as a Student Success Advisor in your database, exclusively for your testing needs. To ensure seamless functionality within your Slate instance, we highly recommend creating multiple test records with diverse data points.


Ensuring the reliability of your configurations in Slate is paramount. Whenever modifications are made, particularly before initiating any "Go-Live" functionalities, it's crucial to rigorously test your processes. To facilitate this, consider provisioning or refreshing your Test environment. This environment mirrors your Production setup, granting you the freedom to run Slate functions without compromising data integrity in your production environment.

Simply navigate to the Database tool, then under the Auditing section, select Test & Other Environments. There, you can easily provision a clone of your Slate database.

Student Record

Record Components

Pre-Built Details

Student Dashboard

When viewing Kendrick's student record, you will see twelve boxes that display different data points as well as three buttons. You can edit this by navigating to the Query tool and selecting the Student Dashboard query. There, you can add/change data points or change the design of the dashboard as needed.

Knowledge Base - Dashboards

Student Status

Currently, a student's status is programmed to either be Enrolled or Inactive. You can create additional student status prompts using the Prompt tool and the Rules tool to add or change how you designate students at your organization. You can see the student's status in the upper right corner of their record.

Knowledge Base - Person Record Separation and Categorization



Three tags are located on the right side of the student record - Legacy Student, Opt Out, and Test Record. You can create additional tags by using the Tags tool.

Knowledge Base - Tags and Watch Flags

Custom Tabs

The Advising Notes and Early Alerts tabs are available for your use. If you wish to make changes to these, simply navigate to the Forms tool and click the Custom Tabs folder. Note that these tabs are optional, but can give a good baseline for you to start. Note that these tabs use two sets of entity fields which can be found in the Fields tool.

Knowledge Base - Custom Tabs

Knowledge Base - Entities Overview

Materials We have created two materials to help you begin using Slate for Student Success - Advising Worksheet and Immunization Record. If you wish to change or delete these, please use the Materials tool. You will see default materials for references, school reports, and transcripts which are typically used when processing applications for admission in Slate.
Devices Two additional device types of Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) can be found in each student record's Contact / Address tab. You can add additional device types in the Prompts tool. Simply look for the prompt key of device and create a new prompt using the same key and a new value.



Pre-Built Details
Early Alert Review The Early Alert Review workflow can be used to process person records that have had the Early Alert form submitted. A rule has been created to automatically move a person's record to this workflow on the Early Alert form. You may wish to augment this process, but this setup will get you started on how records can be pushed into, and managed by workflows.
Early Alert Bins

Early Alert Workflow Bins have been preconfigured for the Early Alert workflow and can be modified as necessary using the Workflow tool.

Reader Tabs

Workflow Tabs have been configured for the Early Alert workflow and can be modified as necessary using the Workflow tool.

Review Form

A review form has been pre-configured within the Early Alert workflow and can be found in Forms > Early Alert




Pre-Built Details
Undeclared Major Notification

An example email exists in the Deliver tool which can be used to send to students who have not yet declared a major and is saved in Deliver > Undeclared Majors folder.

Knowledge Base - Deliver Overview



Pre-Built Details
Event Template

An event template exists for Group Academic Advising Sessions in the Event tool. If you wish to use this, please go to Events > Templates > Group Academic Advising Sessions > Edit

The following must be updated to use these templates:

  • Details
  • Location
  • Description
  • Registration Settings
  • Rescheduling (if applicable)

Communications for these events should be created here as well.

Knowledge Base - Events

Knowledge Base - Form and Event Communications Triggers & Groups

Scheduler Template

A Scheduler template exists for Academic Advising Sessions in the Scheduler tool. If you wish to use this, please go to Scheduler > Templates > Academic Advising Sessions New Haven, CT > Edit

  • Details
  • Location
  • Description
  • Registration Settings
  • Rescheduling (if applicable)

Communications for these events should be created here as well.

Knowledge Base - Scheduler

Knowledge Base - Form and Event Communications Triggers & Groups



Pre-Built Details
Early Alert

This form allows your staff or faculty to submit an alert on a student who needs some sort of intervention. Navigate to Forms > Early Alert folder. You should review this form and update it to meet your needs. You may wish to use the Fields tool to customize the information you collect on this form.

Declaration of Major

This form allows your students to communicate with your staff regarding the choice of their major. You can set up form communications to send out to staff or students once the form has been submitted.

Custom Tabs

The following custom tabs have been created for your use:

  • Academic - displays academic-related and other information
  • Advising Notes - uses two different forms to display advising notes for each record
  • Early Alert - Displays any alerts recorded for a student including any submission of the Early Alert form mentioned above

Knowledge Base - Custom Tabs

Fields & Prompts

Pre-Built Details

The following fields are custom to Slate for Student Success databases. If there is an associated prompt list, the list can be augmented to fit your needs. An asterisk * denotes a field associated with an entity (field grouping). NOTE: These fields are in addition to the Standard Fields & Prompts outlined HERE.

  • Advising Note Date*
  • Advising Note Reason* 
  • Advising Note Referrer* 
  • Advising Note Time Spent*
  • Advising Note User*
  • Advising Notes*
  • Early Alert Date*
  • Early Alert Description*
  • Early Alert Priority*
  • Early Alert Submitter*
  • Class Standing
  • Credits Complete
  • Credits Needed
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Degree Type
  • Enrollment Date
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Major GPA
  • Most Recent LMS Login Date
  • Overall Risk Score
  • Pronouns
  • Residence Hall
  • Residence Hall Room Number
  • Student ID

Knowledge Base - Field Settings


The following prompt lists have been preconfigured and are associated with many of the custom fields listed above:

  • Advising Note Reason
  • Advising Note Time Spent
  • Class Standing
  • Declared Major
  • Degree Type
  • Early Alert Priority
  • Early Alert Type
  • Pronouns
  • Residence Hall
  • Term

Knowledge Base - Prompt Settings

Knowledge Base - Creating Prompts


Pre-Built Details
Student Advising Calendar

This sample portal allows you to display advising sessions to your students. You can use this example to build upon and add functionality to meet your needs. Navigate to Database > Portals > Student Advising Calendar. Click on the Impersonate button and type in Kendrick Bednell's name and click Impersonate. You will see the listing of available Academic Advising sessions established in Slate for the test advisor, Sarine Telfer.

Knowledge Base - Portals

Users & Access

Pre-Built Details
Roles & Permissions

The following role has been pre-configured and can be updated to remove or add permissions that make sense for your users. This can be granted to any new user that you create that meets the criteria:

  • Academic Advisor

Knowledge Base - Role Settings

Knowledge Base - Custom Permissions


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