Motimatic Integration

Motimatic is re-purposing the digital advertising ecosystem to positively impact people’s lives. They are a higher ed motivation science company focused on helping more students enroll, persist, and graduate. They are building cutting edge technologies to deploy the best of behavioral science, machine learning, and digital marketing so that more students successfully navigate critical moments throughout their educational journey.

This article covers the process to establish the Motimatic Slate integration.


Contact the Motimatic data support team with any questions about the integration:


Data Export

The following Suitcase IDs can be used to add data export queries to your database. Choose the query or queries that best suit your institution's use cases.

Query Suitcase ID
Motimatic Admits Registration bee85761-8ad7-4a64-9f9b-7b9b263b37c6:slate-examples
Stop Outs to Reapply and Register TBD
Current Students to Register TBD
Stop Outs to Register TBD

To import these queries using Suitcase:

  1. Copy a Suitcase ID from the table.
  2. In your Slate database, from the main navigation, select Database.
  3. Under Import and Data Processing, select Suitcase.
  4. Click Import. A pop-up appears.
  5. Paste the Suitcase ID in the text field.
  6. Click Retrieve. The import configuration page appears.
  7. Click Import.


Customize the Query and Schedule for Export

The Motimatic Admits Registration query contains the export values required for exported files to be consumed within Motimatic.

We recommend creating a copy of the imported query and working from the copy. To copy the query:

  1. Select Queries from Queries / Reports from the main navigation.
  2. Use the search bar to find and select the query.
  3. Click Edit Query.
  4. Click Copy. A popup appears.
  5. Configure the following settings:
    • Destination: New Query
    • Query Name: Enter a name for the copied query
    • Folder: Keep queries organized by placing them in a folder, or create a new folder by selecting Other and entering a name.
  6. Click Save.

To configure the query:

  1. Click Edit Query.

  2. Add new exports as needed. Exports must have the same name as the literal export with which it corresponds.

  3. (Optional) Edit any of the standard exports to refer to custom data points instead, if desired. The following qualities must be preserved:

    • Order of exports in the query

    • Export names

    • Export data type (string, literal, etc.)

  4. Update the filter criteria to target the records to be sent to Motimatic. These filters will largely be determined by your institution's processes and target entry term data.

Standard Motimatic Export Data Points for the Admits to Register 

Export Name Data Point
constituent_id Slate Ref ID
Person Email Email Address
phone Mobile Phone
phone2 Phone
applied_term Round
date_app_submitted Submitted Date
decision_name Decision Name
is_app_submitted Is App Submitted
is_student_registered Is Student Registered


Configure the Integration with Motimatic


Do not make any adjustments to the service account. It comes pre-configured with all settings necessary for the integration.

Add the Motimatic Service Account

  Required Permissions

Security Administrator (All Access)

To add the Motimatic service account:

    1. Select Database from the top navigation.
    2. Under Users & Access, select User Permissions.
    3. Click New User. A popup appears.
    4. Configure the following settings:
      • First Name / Last Name: Enter a descriptive name, like "Motimatic Service Account"
      • Email: Enter the email address of a real user or distribution group that can receive email notifications.
      • User Type: Service Account (Remote)
      • User ID: Enter the user ID. This should match the user ID created in the Motimatic system.
      • SSH Private Key: Open the my_university_motimatic or my_university_motimatic.pem file. Copy the content and paste it in the text field.
      • Active: Select Enable account for access.
    5. Click Save.

  Can't find the Motimatic user ID?

  1. As a user, if you have data upload access on the Motimatic platform, you can collect this user id from your affiliate page. Navigate to the right-hand menu and select Affiliate Settings. You can copy the user id from the “SFTP Username” value field.  If Slate reports that this useralready exists please work with the Engagement manager to create a new user on the remote system (Motimatic Platform) and then use that new SFTP Username for this user ID field.
  2. If that doesn't work, check with your Motimatic Engagement Manager.

  Further Reading

Motimatic documentation


Test the Connection

Open the Motimatic Admits Registrationquery and select Run To SFTP. Type EXPORT in the dialog box to confirm that you want to run the export and select OK.

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