Custom Portal Branding Templates

Portals have historically offered customized branding options, but the introduction of templates has significantly simplified the process by eliminating the need for writing XSLT markup.

Custom portal branding enables you to create a distinct portal that does not inherit the branding elements from the main site. You can construct it using the intuitive WYSIWYG editor or by directly modifying the HTML code. By incorporating the Liquid {{content}} tag, you can specify the location of the portal content, and Slate will render all the usual portal elements with the new branding template.

To begin, set up a new portal or copy an existing one, and click Edit Template on the portal summary page. An Edit Template popup appears with the familiar WYSIWYG editor. Here, you can include the template content that should be accessible on every page and use the {{content}} variable to incorporate your standard portal content.

This approach offers a practical means of using alternative or external stylesheets and JavaScript libraries without introducing unnecessary elements to the page.

And you can also get fancy by adding bootstrap code:

Add bootstrap code


Microsite example


Keep it small and simple:

Edit template WYSIWIG editor


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