Voice Snippets

Voice Snippets adds voice message capabilities to the snippet tool, providing snippet functions beyond email and SMS messaging.

Creating a Voice Snippet

To create a snippet for a specific user, a specific role, or anyone in Inbox:

1. Click Inbox in the Slate navigation bar. The Inbox tool appears.

2. Click the Snippets icon on the right side of the page. The Snippets page appears.

Inbox Tool


3. Click New Snippet. A New Snippet popup appears.

New Snippet Button


4. Enter the following configuration:

  • Folder: Select an existing folder or select Other and enter a new folder name to create.
  • Name: Give the snippet a descriptive name.
  • Method: Select Slate Voice. The snippet tool updates for the voice snippet.
  • Sharing (optional): Select to enable the setting of permissions for the recorded snippet.
  • Description (optional): Provide a brief description of the snippet.

Base Snippet Settings

Base Voice Snippet Settings

Recording a Snippet Message

1. Click the microphone icon to begin recording your message. The microphone icon changes to a round "record" icon.

Microphone Icon


2. Click the "record" icon to start recording the message. The round "record" icon changes to a square "stop" icon.

Record Icon


3. After your message, click the "stop" icon to end the recording. The "stop" icon changes to the round "record" icon, and a playback tool appears, enabling you to review the recorded message.

Stop Icon


4. Click Save to save the snippet.

Save Button


5. If you selected the Sharing option, an Edit Permissions popup appears. Click Edit Grantee to manage the permissions for the snippet.

Edit Grantee Link

All users (or those with granted permission) can access the snippet during any inbound or outbound call.


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