Voice Snippets

Voice Snippets extends the snippet tool beyond email and SMS messaging into voice messages. Create a snippet as you normally would, but select Slate Voice as the method. You can create personal snippets or share them in your organization before crafting your message.

Create a Snippet

Snippets can be created for a specific user, a specific role, or for anyone in Inbox.

To create a snippet:

1. Click Inbox in the top navigation bar.

2. Click the Snippets Icon.



Snippet Icon

3. Click New Snippet.

New Snippet


4. Enter the following configuration in the popup window:

  • Folder: create a new folder or place in an existing one
  • Name:  give the Snippet a descriptive name
  • Method: choose Slate Voice as the method
  • Sharing (optional): allows for permissions to be set on snippet

New Snippet Popup Window


Create a Message

1. Click the microphone icon to enter recording mode.

Edit Snippet Screen Microphone Icon


2. Click the Record icon to begin recording a message.

Edit Snippet Screen Record Icon


3. Click the Stop icon to stop recording.

Edit Snippet Screen Stop Icon


4. Click Save. Now you are able to access the Snippet during an inbound or outbound call.

Snippet seen on inbound or outbound call screen

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