Voice Snippets

Voice Snippets extends the functionality of the snippet tool beyond email and SMS messaging into voice messages. 

Create Snippets

Snippets can be created for a specific user, a specific role, or for anyone within Inbox.

To create a snippet:

1. Click Inbox in the top navigation bar.

2. Click the Snippets Icon.


Snippet Icon

3. Click New Snippet.

New Snippet

4. Enter the following configuration in the popup window:

  • Folder: create a new folder or place in an existing one
  • Name:  give the Snippet a descriptive name
  • Method: choose Slate Voice as the method
  • Sharing (optional): allows for permissions to be set on snippet


Creating a Message

1. Click the microphone icon to enter recording mode.



2. Click the Record icon to begin recording a message.



3. Click the Stop icon to stop recording.



4. Click Save. Now you are able to access the Snippet during an inbound or outbound call.


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