Slate Voicemail

  Summit 2023 Feature

Slate Voice can record and transcribe messages from inbound calls which integrates with Inbox.

Configuring Slate Voicemail for a Deliver Configuration account

To configure Slate Voicemail for a Deliver Configuration SMS/Voice account:

  1. From the main navigation, select Database.
  2. Under Communications, select Deliver Configuration.
  3. Create a new Deliver Configuration account with a service of SMS/Voice, or select an existing one from the list. A pop-up appears.
  4. Select Use Slate Voicemail.
  5. Click Save.



Voicemail greeting

Slate Voicemail features a standard greeting.


Reviewing voicemail

When a call goes to Slate Voicemail, it appears in Inbox alongside other inbound communications. Specifically, it appears in the user or role's inbox assigned to the phone number.


Selecting a voicemail will open conversation view. You can respond to voicemail with SMS or Slate Voice.


Click play on a voicemail to listen to the message. A transcript is automatically generated.

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