Deliver Send Ad-Hoc

With the Deliver Send Ad-Hoc feature, you can send any of your Deliver messages to a single specific recipient. 

1. Inside any Deliver mailing, click Display Message. A Display Message popup appears.

2. Begin entering the intended recipient's name in the Record field. Suggested matches will appear. Select the desired record.

3. Click Display. The mailing summary page appears with a preview of the message.


The record does not need to meet the criteria already set for the Deliver message.

Click Display to see the message


4. Click Send Message. A Send Message popup appears.

Select Send Test


4. For Type, select Send Ad-Hoc.

5. Click Send. Slate sends the message to the selected recipient.

Select Send Ad-Hoc


When the message sends, the recipient is to the query execution and will be tagged to the same mailing. As a result, the recipient will not receive the message again should they meet criteria in the future, and all analytics for the message will be the same with the ad-hoc recipient as those who met the broader criteria. 

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