Seeking Support

When you're looking for help finding an answer about Slate, we would recommend exploring the following resources:

  1. Knowledge Base - Search in the Knowledge Base to see if an existing article or forum post contains a solution. Our Knowledge Base is a vast library of resources frequently updated with the latest information on Slate. You can save time and typically find a solution quickly by first searching here.
  2. Troubleshooting - Consider the steps in our Troubleshooting guide. This resource is designed to help you define your question more clearly and create a pathway to test solutions.
  3. Community Forums - Finally, we strongly encourage you to create a post in our Community Forums. Our forums are a collaborative space where clients can connect with Technolutions staff, our Preferred Partners, Community Ambassadors, and other Slate users to find solutions together. Sharing your question in this searchable space results in a prompt and helpful response. Plus, your question will help other users who encounter similar issues in the future.

Service Desk Request Guidelines

We encourage you to use our Community Forums as your first resource for any questions. Conversations started here will benefit the broader community and enable your questions to receive input from talented and skilled Slate users who have helpful contributions to share.

Before submitting a request

Please ensure that your request:

  • Contains sensitive or confidential information.
  • Requires the Service Desk's unique abilities (such as deleting objects that cannot be removed with Retention Policies).
  • It fits one of the available categories to select from.

Submitted requests that do not meet these criteria will be redirected to the Community Forums, where Slate users, Preferred Partners, Community Ambassadors, and Technolutions staff can engage, share and learn together.

When submitting a request

Please ensure that:

  • You have answered as many troubleshooting questions as you can within your request.
  • You have provided links to internal Slate resources to confirm database objects to be examined. (Internal links include /manage.)
  • You have provided links for affected records, objects, and test records.
  • You have attached screenshots to the request directly instead of attaching a Word document or PDF.
  • You link to the relevant community posts that you have created or resources that you have explored.
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