Restricted Access to Records

Restricted Access allows selected users access to an individual record while preventing other users in the database from accessing that record. This feature is useful when there is a single record or small number of records whose data may be especially sensitive. Access can be granted to only those users who need to view the record.

Grant Restricted Access to a Record

To grant access to an individual person or dataset record to a specific user in Slate, navigate to the record Profile tab.

  1. Navigate to the record in Slate.
  2. Click on the Profile tab.
  3. Click Edit Restricted Access from the right-hand menu.
  4. Click Add Grantee.
  5. Enter the following Configurations in the popup window:
    • Active - set the status to Active.
    • Type - select whether access to the record is being granted to a specific user, users granted a specific permission, or users granted a specific role.
    • Permissions - select Access Record.


Access to the record will be restricted to the users identified in the previous steps. Other users will not be able to navigate to the record in Slate.


All users granted the Administrator (All Access) role and the Security Administrator exclusive permission will be able to access records for whom restricted access has been set.

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