User Access to Records

Person, Dataset, and Application Records

Access to person, dataset, and application records in Slate is granted through one of the Lookup permissions. Within Student Success, you may not use Slate to collect applications or using the Application Periods and Rounds tool, however having an understanding of how to look up application records can be advantageous. The following permissions allow a user to look up a record and read data:

Permission Description

Person Lookup

Grants read access to view a person record.

Person Lookup (Active Only)

Grants read access to view a person record that is configured as Active.

Dataset Lookup

Grants read access to view a dataset record.

Application Lookup Grants read access to view all data on an application tab within the person record.
Application Lookup (Active Period Only) Grants read access to view all data on an application tab within the person record if the application is associated with an active application period.

Person Lookup grants a user access to the record, but the user may need additional permissions to view all data on the record. For example, a user will also need Application Lookup permission to access any applications associated with a person record.

In order for a user to search for a dataset record in the database, the user must be granted the read permission of the associated query base. This will enable the user to search within the dataset using record lookup, and will include records from the dataset in the search results using the global search bar.

Note: To use the Record Lookup tool in your database (manage/lookup/search), a user must have Person Lookup as a global permission. Users with only Population Permissions for Person Lookup will not be able to fully access this tool.

To enable the user to make changes to a record, the user must have one of the following Update permissions:

Permission Description
Person Update Grants write access to person data, including the ability to update biographical data, interactions, and person-scoped fields. A user with the permission to update a record also has the ability to delete the record. To prevent a user from deleting a record while still enabling them to perform data entry, consider using a form for data entry.
Person Update (Verified Scores)  Grants write access to create and edit verified test scores.
Dataset Update Grants write access to create and edit dataset records


Application Update


Grants write access to application data, including updating the application round, application-scoped fields, submission status, activities, and checklist items.

A user with Person Update access can make changes to fields on standard and custom tabs on the record. The user must be granted Application Update to make changes on an application tab.

Granting Access to Records

To edit the user account to grant access to person or application records:

1. Click Database in the Slate navigation bar.

2. Select User Permissions in the Users & Access section.



3. Select a user.

4. Click Edit User. A popup appears to display the user's settings.


5. Click the Permissions tab.

6. Select the desired Lookup and/or Update permissions.

7. Click Save.


Using these standard permissions applies to all records in the database, regardless of any field values or population affiliations. They are granted to users on the Permissions tab of the user account or they can be inherited through a role.

  What if a user needs access to specific records but not all records?

Users can be granted access to records based on populations in Slate, using Population Permissions.

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