Year One & Beyond (Phase III)


Slate Implementation Phases

Stewardship, Governance, Management

The continued growth and evolution of Slate usage across your campus is an expected outcome. Effective governance is imperative to ensure proper maintenance and expansion of Slate beyond the initial implementation. Your Slate team is equipped to provide operational support and serve as responsible stewards of governance. Effective governance boosts stakeholder confidence, fortifies resilience in the face of challenges, and drives the formation of peak-performing institutions.

Establishing a governance process is a gradual and collaborative effort, starting with forming your Slate Team. Through effective communication and collaboration, your Slate team will ensure the success of your institution's governance journey. The formation of a dedicated team may require some upfront effort, but the benefits of having a core Slate Team in place cannot be overstated and will provide long-term value to your institution.

Your Team

Your Slate team will assist in:

  1. Cycle Prep: Cycle Prep is the process in which Slate administrators update Slate in preparation for the upcoming admissions cycle. In addition to ensuring that items such as applications, status pages, forms, and mailings are updated for the new application period, Cycle Prep should be used as a time to audit your Slate database and identify changes that are needed to ensure that processes are efficient and using updated Slate tools.
  2. Stewardship: Cycle Prep is vital to stewardship in Slate as it enables institutions to maintain data integrity and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Governance: Cycle Prep is also critical for governance in Slate as it allows your institution to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
  4. Management: Cycle Prep is an essential component of management in Slate as it enables institutions to streamline their workflows and optimize their use of Slate tools. Institutions can make the necessary changes to improve their workflows and use Slate tools effectively by reviewing their processes and identifying areas that can be enhanced.
  5. Priorities - Establish priorities as Slate becomes a vital component of your enterprise infrastructure
  6. Guidance - Provide guidance and direction to ensure all stakeholders are aligned toward common goals
  7. Procedures - Develop comprehensive procedures for system management, crisis response, and growth. Ensure secure and compliant data management practices are in place

Internal Training

As your institution transitions to Slate, various departments and teams throughout your institution will inevitably rely on Slate for their day-to-day operations. To ensure the success of your transition, it is critical to prioritize training for all users, including those who rely on Slate in their respective roles.

To effectively train your team, it is recommended to document your training processes and conduct end-user training sessions. This will help ensure that all users understand the new system, its capabilities, and how to use it to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. By providing comprehensive training to your team, you can maximize productivity, leading to a successful transition to Slate.

Learning Lab

Comprehensive training is essential to maximize the potential of Slate and optimize workflows within your institution. In addition to the Fundamentals of Slate courses, a collection of courses are available that delve deeper into functional areas such as communications, queries and reports, permissions, portals, and more. Access to the Slate Learning Lab is available to all Slate users. It provides an excellent opportunity for team members to enhance their understanding of Slate and develop the necessary skills to streamline their workflows. Encouraging team members to register for relevant courses benefits them personally and leads to more efficient and effective use of the system, ultimately benefiting the institution as a whole. Therefore, investing in comprehensive training and using all available resources, such as Learning Lab, can help your institution fully leverage the power of Slate and improve productivity across all departments.

Support Resources

Technolutions offers a comprehensive array of educational and support resources for its users to enhance their use of Slate. These resources can be accessed on the Discover Slate page. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can be confident in your ability to tackle any task and achieve success!

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