National Student Clearinghouse Source Format

  Prerequisite Skills

Source FormatsBatch Acquire,  Upload Dataset

The National Student Clearinghouse source format can be used to import transcripts into Slate. The following steps describe how to configure the Slate side of the import.

Configuring the Source Format

The National Student Clearinghouse Source Format can extract the ZIP archive and assign its materials to the appropriate records and material types by using the index file. 

  1. Click Database on the Slate navigation bar and select Source Format Library in the Import section.


  1. Locate National Student Clearinghouse (look for DIP in the Format column), then click Add. A popup appears.


  1. In the popup, click Add. Confirm a system dialog. You are redirected to the Source Format Summary page.


  1. Click Edit.
  2. To prevent the source format from creating new records if a matching record cannot be found, change the Update Only value from Allow record creation to Update only.

    Note: The Update only setting still creates new documents on import. Process them manually using Batch Acquire.

  3. Click Save.


Zip archive files received from the National Student Clearinghouse can now be uploaded via the National Student Clearinghouse source format.


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