Application Sharing Settings

This guide is meant to serve as a general overview of Application Sharing Settings for Slate Partner institutions. 

Note: Application data is shared only with enrolled high schools. The information is not shared with other entities, such as Community Colleges or Community Based Organizations.

To access Application Sharing Settings, click Database on the top navigation bar and select Application Sharing Settings under the Configurations heading.

On this page you have the option to modify the aspects of your application data that you choose to share with counselors using This is an opt-in model, where you designate what you would like to share. These settings can be changed at any time.

School counselors can view the application data and decisions that you opt in to share in

Counselor View

1477350088_Key.pngRequired Permission: Security Administrator

The Exclusive Permission Role of Security Administrator is required to update the Application Sharing Settings.


An application can only be shared if its application period is configured as active. All application rounds that are eligible for sharing appear in the Rounds section. By default, no application rounds are shared. 

Click on each round in the table to designate which application rounds should be considered for sharing.

Configure the sharing settings:

Share: Choose whether or not to share applications in the application round with school counselors using

If sharing is enabled:

Shared Name: Enter the name of the round that users will see when viewing the application.

Application Deadline: Enter the application deadline that users see when viewing the application.

Click Save.

Application Statuses

Once you've designated the shared Application Rounds, visit the Application Statuses section. Here you can designate the applications shared by application status within those rounds. By default, no application statuses are shared.

Click each application status in the table to designate the application statuses to be considered for sharing.

Configure the sharing settings:


Share: Choose if you would like to share applications with this application status with school counselors in

If sharing is enabled:

Shared Name: Enter the name of the status that counselor users see when viewing the application data.

Applicant View Name: Enter the name of the status that student users see when viewing the applicant data in their application tracker.

Status Type:  Select the applicant status category. 

Click Save.


Application Rounds and Application Statuses work together.  The applications that will be viewed in are those with a 'Shared' combination.

For example, if the Application Status of Awaiting Materials is "Shared" and the 2022 Regular Decision Round is "Shared," then only applications that are in the 2022 Regular Decision round with a current Application Status of Awaiting Materials appear. Once the Application Status of these applications change, they will no longer appear unless the other statuses are set to "Shared."


Within the Checklists section, you have the option of sharing applicant checklists with school counselors. By default, checklists are not shared.

Your preference is selected by clicking Update within the Checklists section. 

Sharing the checklist with institutions will share the entire checklist. The checklist names and statuses will appear in exactly as they appear on the applicant's status page. 



The Materials section shows a list of all of your material types in Slate. You can grant school counselors the ability to upload specific materials on behalf of applicants, so that these materials may be received by your institution and associated with applicant records in Slate. By default, no materials are shared.

Click a material type within the list to designate the materials that counselors should be able to upload. 

Configure the sharing settings:

ShareChoose whether or not you would like to make a material type available for counselors to upload on behalf of the applicant.

If sharing is enabled:

Shared Name: Enter the name of the document type that users should see when uploading materials.

Generic Material sent directly to Batch Acquire: This option allows school counselors to upload materials for material assignment within Batch Acquire. 

Clicking this Generic Material will allow you to update the Material Share and Shared Name settings.

Materials uploaded to this generic material type are sent directly to Batch Acquire. The appropriate record is pre-selected when viewing these materials in Batch Acquire. You may also use this option exclusively, so that every uploaded document can be reviewed in Batch Acquire.

Click Save.

Batch Material

School counselors may have the ability to upload specific material types to a person record, rather than to a specific application. By default, these materials will not be enabled for acceptance from institutions.

Click an individual material to designate whether or not you wish to accept these materials from

Configure the mapping settings:

Map Material: Choose whether or not you wish to accept the material from school counselors.

If accepting is enabled:

Map Material: Map the material to the material type in Slate. There is the additional option of selecting Send to Batch Acquire. This sends the material uploaded through directly to Batch Acquire for assignment.

School counselors will be able to see the batch-uploaded materials your college or university accepts. They will also see the batched documents they have uploaded:

Batch Material Counselor View


In this section, determine the released decisions that you would like to share with school counselors. By default, no decisions are shared.

Click a decision from the list to update.

Configure the sharing settings:

Share: Choose whether or not you wish to share a released decision with counselors.

Shared Name: Enter the name of the decision that you would like the counselor to see.

Decision Type: Specifies the Decision Type that the decision represents.

Decision Status: Determine if the decision will be shared when it has been released, or when it has been viewed by the applicant in the online status portal. By default, this is set to only be shared if viewed by the applicant in the online status portal first.

If Decision Status is set to Share all decisions that have been released, the Delay from Release setting appears.

Delay from Release (Days): This setting allows you to add a delay, so that the decision is not immediately shared upon release. The example above would allow the decision to appear in seven days after the release date of that decision.

Example of the Counselor's view of a shared decision in

Counselor View of Decisions

Decision Status for Applicants: Update this setting to notify students in that a decision is waiting for them in their application status portal. 

Share Released Decision Notificatino with Students


Students with an active account will be able to receive decision release notifications in their Application Tracker. Students must still log into their status pages to view the decision. 

Example student view in

Student Application Tracker



Preview Record: Allows you to type in a specific applicant's name to view how their applicant data and checklist would appear in based on the current application sharing settings.

Testing Preview Record

Preview: View list of all applicants that are eligible to share based on current application settings. 

Round Filters: Consider adding a filter to a shared round to test application sharing with a counselor at a specific school. This can provide a great opportunity to test and receive feedback from a school or two before sharing all eligible applications. 

Round Filters

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