Exporting Materials to an External System

Slate supports exporting documents to an external document management system (such as OnBase, ImageNow, or Docfinity). The documents can be packaged in one of three ways: in a zip archive with an index file, in a zip archive with the index keys included in the file name, or with every document included in a single PDF document. Document exports can be created in the Query tool using Document Export resources available in the Slate Template Library.

Numerous elements are required to successfully export documents to an external system. Be sure to read all of the Exporting Documents articles before altering the Document Export template in the Slate Template Library

Document exports usually occur after data exports are built. Building a data export first provides the foundational skills necessary to configure a successful document export.

Refer to the Exporting Admin PDF Download Materials article for information on exporting materials manually into one PDF. 

Adding the Document Export Template
  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Slate Template Library.
  2. Select Queries.
  3. Add the Document Export (Document Export (Application)) query. The query will be added to the Shared folder in the Query tool under the Library subfolder.
  4. Select Queries / Reports on the top navigation bar.
  5. Select the Shared / Library folder and open the Document Export query.
  6. Select Edit Query.
  7. Select Save Copy to copy the Document Export query. Preserve the original Document Export query from the Slate Template Library as a template for future document exports.
  8. Rename and select Copy.
Required Query Properties

The Document Export properties are pre-configured to ensure that each document is exported only once. Do not edit any of the settings under Edit Properties:

  • Limit Rows: There is a strict limit of 5,000 documents per query execution. Do not adjust this setting unless the limit is less than 5,000.
  • Execution Options: The Execution Option will ensure that the query will only return new documents that the query has not previously sent. Do not adjust this setting.
  • Fetch Behavior: Use the default fetch behavior setting Preserve where clause on fetch if required by one or more filters for document exports.
  • Queue: The queue setting is incompatible with a document export. Do not adjust this setting.
  • Primary and Secondary Key: The keys included in the template ensure that each material associated with the record is exported once. Do not adjust this setting.
    • If the Secondary Key of a Document Export (Application) query does not exist, add "m.[stream]" to this section. This key is already included in the Document Export Query Template from the Slate Template Library.  However, if the query is built from scratch, this key must be added manually for the query to behave as expected. 
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