This guide is meant to provide a general overview of navigating The Help  forum will continue to be updated with additional support resources. is a free platform that allows you to do the following:

    • Update and share school profile information
    • Manage and approve new users
    • Create and manage school visits and college fairs 
    • View applicant information and upload materials to student checklists


Sign up for free!

Creating an account is absolutely free. Go to the 'Counselors Join Here' section of to get started.  

If choosing to create an account that uses social login, you do not have to fill out the registration form. You will need to set your organization when you log into

Alternatively, use our short registration form to create your account.

Enter a First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number. The Institution Name field uses auto-suggest to search for your school efficiently.


Account verification can be handled by any colleague at your institution who has an active account. If no other active accounts exist, the verification process will be handled by Technolutions. Please use your work email address to expedite the verification process. 



Go to Home in the side navigation bar to view recent updates to applications, newly released decisions, upcoming visits, new invitations, and recently viewed students and colleges.



Go to Profile in the side navigation bar to update your institutional information, including contact information; upload your school profile; and manage users associated with your school's account.


Manage Users

Manage users at your institution, including adding new users, resetting passwords for existing users, or inactivating users who are no longer at your institution. 


If any users are pending approval, click their name and either approve or decline their access. You can also enable specific permissions.



 Go to Students in the side navigation toolbar to see a list of your students, the number of shared applications on file, their graduation year, and whether or not they have a student account. 


Student lists can be created to organize and track your students. 


Applications mceclip17.png directly links you to colleges and universities that use Slate. Each Slate college and university will decide which applicant data points they wish to share with schools in These points may include the following:

  • Application Round and Deadline
  • Application Status
  • Application Decision and Decision Date
  • Checklist Items 

The Application Tracker allows you to see shared applications across all students organized by application status. 




The Colleges section of will show you a list of the colleges and universities that use Slate for undergraduate admissions, their location, their application sharing status, and the number of shared applications for students at your school.



College lists can be created to organize groups of colleges and universities. 



Manage college visits

Allow any college or university to find and request registration for a visit, or allow only invited colleges to register for a visit. The choice is yours!

Go to Calendar in the navigation toolbar in to manage your visit calendar and create new visits.



Visits can be customized do the following:

    • Be recurring. Sometimes you'll have the same slot open over and over again!
    • Have a registration deadline and registration limit.
    • Be marked to private and invite-only.
    • Have public descriptions for information, such as parking information and room locations.
    • Have internal notes to be viewed administratively.
    • Be configured to allow student registrations

Thinking of being a bit more exclusive? Send colleges and universities or students an invite:


Stay Synced! Add your institution’s iCal feed and your personal calendars to the calendar to help plan visits. Add your iCal feed to your external calendars, including Outlook and Google.



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