Creating and Managing Profiles and Users

Creating an Account

School counselors, independent counselors and community-based organizations can visit the website and register by clicking on the Register icon, or using their social media accounts to log in/register.

When registering for a account please consider the following:

  • Email - Be sure to submit your professional email address rather than your personal address.
  • Title - Title of your position (e.g., Director of College Counseling).
  • Website/directory - Please be sure to include a link to your school's website where you can be confirmed as an active employee.

After you've submitted your registration form and your account has been approved, you will receive the following email:

You will then be able to use your email address and pin number to set-up your password.

After submitting your email address and temporary pin, you will then be prompted to create a new password:

Account Approval Process

How long does it take to verify an account request?

The approval process can vary, but on average most accounts are approved within 1-2 business days. If we have a match on pre-approved accounts that we have inherited based on school report data from our Slate partners, the account may be instantly approved and activated. If we are not able to make a direct match on a pre-approved account, we will internally evaluate the account request and follow up to confirm the institution, name, email address, and role. 

Due to the confidential information that is presented through this service, we want to absolutely ensure we are doing our due diligence.


Technolutions is only involved with approving the first active user for an institution. Once an institution has an active user, that user can add and manage additional users.

Profile Page Overview

The Profile page consists of three tabs:

  • Your Profile: This tab allows you to update your contact information.
  • Institution Profile: This tab allows you to update your school's information and upload a school profile.
  • Users: This tab allows you to manage new and existing users associated with your school.

This article covers each tab in detail.

Your Profile
  1. Edit your profile by clicking the Edit button.

  2. After making necessary changes, click save.

Institution Profile
  1. Edit your institution profile by clicking the Edit button.

  2. Make any necessary changes, then save.

    Notes to visitors: This is where you can enter instructions or information that you would like all visitors to know, such as parking information or check-in information. These notes will display for registrants for all of your visits. You will also have the ability to enter visit-specific instructions on individual visits. 

Follow these steps to update your school profile:

  1. Click on the upload school profile link to the right of your institution profile screen:

  2. Click on choose file in the upload school profile popup window to upload a school profile.

  3. Upload profile.

    Once your profile has been uploaded, you will see the file and uploaded date appear. You can click on preview to view your school profile or click on edit school profile to make changes.

    Clicking on edit school profile will bring you to the upload school profile window.

    Replace Profile: Allows you to replace the exiting school profile with a new file that you've selected using choose file.

    Delete Profile: Allows you to delete the existing school profile.


Technolutions is only involved in approving the first active user. Once an account has been established, that user  has the ability to add new users to your institution via the users tab of the profile page. Users who have requested to create an account that is affiliated with your school will appear in the pending approval section.

Approving Users
  1. Click on the Users tab.
  2. Click on the row with the pending user in the pending approval section.

  3. The review new user popup window allows you to do the following:
    • Approve Access: This will grant the user access to your institution's account.
    • Decline Access: This will inactivate the user and deny the user access to your institution’s account.

Adding Users
  1. Navigate to the Profile icon in the toolbar and click on the Users tab.
  2. Click on new user link in the active users section of the users screen.

  3. Add the user name/contact information in the new user popup window.

      Best Practice

    • Email - Be sure to submit the person's professional email address rather than a personal address.
    • Title - Title of the position (e.g., Director of College Counseling).
  4. Click save. An account confirmation email with a temporary PIN will be sent to the new user.
Managing Existing Users
  1. Navigate to the Profile icon in the toolbar and click on the Users tab.
  2. Click on an existing user to display the edit user popup window. Note the following:
    • Inactivate: This will inactivate the user's ability to log into under your school's profile.
    • Reset Password: Send an email with a temporary PIN. The user can then create a new password upon logging in with this PIN.

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