Visits for Colleges

With, your institution can connect with school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations across the nation. visits can be viewed directly in Slate. Use the page to accept invitations, view available visits, request visits, and associate visits with your trips.

  Required Permission

The Coordinate Events ( permission is required to view and register for events.

Viewing Open Events & Invitations

The Events icon alert.jpg will appear with an alert when your institution has invitations without a response. The number appearing next to the Events header denotes the number of invitations.

High schools have the option to invite specific colleges and universities to visits and events or to make events available for public registration. Navigate to your page to view visits that are available to your institution. Toggle between viewing only invitations or viewing all open events, which includes invitations, by clicking the folder links on the ride sidebar.


Use the Search box to filter the results. Common search items include:

  • School Name or CEEB
  • Date 
  • Day of the week
  • City/State

Accepting Invitations

Invitations provide the options Accept Invitation and Decline Invitation, while other visits have the option Request Registration.



The Accept Invitation button will register your institution for the visit on the inviting institution’s calendar. It will also create a new, Confirmed event in your database using the settings that you entered. These settings can be updated later, just as with any other event within Slate.


The Decline Invitation button will remove the invitation from the invitation list, and it will mark your institution’s invitation as declined on the inviting institution’s calendar. 


The Request Registration button will send your visit request to the host school. The registration must be approved by the hosting school. A new tentative event will be added to your database, using the settings that you entered. These settings can be updated later, just as with any other events in Slate. 



Creating a New Event

Click a visit to open the New Event popup. This should look familiar because it has the same settings as other events within Slate, including the ability to assign the event to a user, trip, and template. 


New Event

Complete all required fields, including details, location, description, registration settings, and notes.

Event Statuses

Your Slate events remain synced with the most recent details from If your registration is approved, your event in Slate will be updated to Confirmed to reflect this update. Likewise, if your visit is cancelled or your registration is declined, your event in Slate will be updated to Declined.  

Status Indicator

Confirmed: Approved requests

Tentative: Registration requests that are pending approval

Cancelled/Declined: Declined requests or Cancelled visits

Email notifications are sent to the primary user associated with the event upon any status change.

Just like any other event in Slate, you can access the registration page for each event scheduled through The host contact information appears next to Contact Institution. You can send an email to the host school by clicking the linked name.

College Visit


The host school sets the registration deadlines for events that are scheduled through If you need to make a change to your registration after that deadline, you must contact the host school directly.

Organization Records

Organization records have been updated to include access to events! Organization records with accounts will display the number of events that your institution can attend, along with a link to view the specific events. 

Want to know more information before signing up for a visit? School counselors are able to upload their school profile through, which can be accessed directly from the organization record as well.

School Profile

If an organization is not yet participating in, send an invitation directly from the organization page to a school counselor affiliated with the organization.  

Send Invite

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