Custom Prompts - Yes and No Prompts (Bit Prompts)

Bit Prompts

The Yes, and No prompts already exist in the database and make up the Bit prompt list. The Bit prompt list is used when creating a field and selecting the Field Type of Bit (Yes/No). These two prompts should not be created in the prompt tool in the database.

Settings within the notes tab of fields

Fields store the Yes and No prompt values as 1 and 0 in the index column of a field. A stored value of 1 corresponds to Yes, the true value, while a stored of 0 corresponds with No, the False value. The default export for a field with the Bit type in a query will be 1 or 0. By editing the export for the field, you can put in Yes for the true value and No for the False value to export Yes or No instead of 1 or 0.  

Settings within the notes tab of fields

  Why Not Store Prompt ID?

Storing the 1 and 0 values for Yes/No prompts is done to increase overall database performance.

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