Creating Custom Prompts

Fields can use a prompt list to restrict values to selectable options. Fields with prompt lists can be configured to store either multiple values for each record or a single value per record. In addition to making data entry more manageable, prompts make querying for data stored in these fields more precise.


Some prompt keys are reserved for standard Slate fields and other system-wide functions. A list of these special keys is provided when creating a new prompt key.

A prompt list includes all prompts that share the same prompt key, which is then used by the field. Prompts are not related to scope. The same prompt list can be used for a field scoped to a person or a field scoped to a gift.

Creating the Prompt Key

1. Click Database on the Slate navigation bar and select the Prompts tool in the Records and Datasets section. The Prompts page appears.



Entering "prompts" in the search bar will also display the link to the Prompts tool.  


2. Click New Prompt Key. A New Prompt Key popup appears.


3. Enter the following configuration items:

  • Name: Give the key an appropriate and recognizable name.
  • Key: Give the prompt key a computer-friendly name (lowercase, no spaces, and no special character other than an underscore).
  • Export Labels: Optional. Queries that export this data can select one of these Export Label values, and Slate will automatically translate the prompt accordingly.



The following keys are reserved and should never be used in custom prompts:

  • app:round
  • bit
  • citizenship_country
  • country
  • decision
  • form
  • interaction
  • interaction_activity
  • material
  • region
  • state
  • test_confirmed
  • user

4. Click Save. The summary page for the prompt key appears.

Adding Prompts to the Prompt Key

1. Add all of the desired values that will be offered to the user to select. To add a prompt to the prompt key, click New Prompt. A New Prompt popup appears.


2. Provide a Value for the prompt and click Save.


3. Repeat the previous two steps until all desired prompt values have been added. All prompt values for the prompt key appear on the prompt key summary page.



Cached prompt values are refreshed approximately every 5 minutes in production. Once refreshed, new prompts are available for use throughout forms and queries. If the prompt is needed immediately, force-refresh the cache by clicking the force-refresh link on the Prompts summary page. A confirmation page appears to confirm the refresh.

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