Slatest News - November 2022

November 2022


Dispatches from Slate Feedback
Check out the latest from Slate Feedback—our product management team has been actively soliciting your thoughts for new ideas and posting updates about existing and completed features. Here are a few of our favorite updates from the last few weeks:

  • Introducing: Data Containers
    Customize your workflows like never before! Data containers use the power of Configurable Joins to organize data and documents for display in workflows. Similar to existing Auto PDF functionality but more customizable, data containers let you decide what information to include (or exclude) from your records, filtered and formatted to optimize your review process. Learn more about this exciting new feature in the related Feedback post, and in this Slate Knowledge Base article
  • Customize Your View: Users, Forms, & Reports
    You can now customize your view in more places: Users, Forms, and Reports. Create custom personal or shared views to display different columns of data points, adjust their order or width, and more. Learn about customizing personal and shared views in the Slate Knowledge Base
  • Consolidate Records: "Advanced" Option Inherits Permission
    Streamline the permissions needed for staff responsible for consolidating records: the "Advanced" Consolidate Records option (which launches the Transfer Objects tool) is now accessible by users with only the Consolidate Records permission. Previously, the Database permission was also required to access this feature. Learn more about this update in our Feedback post, and learn more about Transfer Objects here.
  • Consolidate Records: Filter Using CJs
    Improve your ability to identify records to prioritize when consolidating: configurable joins functionality is now available when filtering on the list in Consolidate Records. Additionally, the filter criteria applies to both Main and Duplicate records, allowing even easier identification of records based on specific criteria.
  • Deliver Library: PNG Transparency (and more!) Preserved
    The Deliver Library allows the easy storage of images and other files that are included in outbound communications. Now, all uploaded files will be preserved in their original format, allowing even very large files to retain their original characteristics, such as transparency in a PNG file. Learn more in this Feedback post.
  • Edit Your Relationship (Records)
    Save a few clicks the next time you edit a relationship! We've added a new "Edit" button to the top-right of all relationship record pages. This streamlines accessing the Profile >> Edit Relationship screen. Look for additional streamlining of this page coming soon. Learn more in this Feedback post.

College Board Landscape Updates
College Board Landscape provides consistent high school and neighborhood contextual information to help colleges better understand an applicant's accomplishments in the context of opportunities available to them. In Slate, the standard resources necessary to provide record data to College Board (and to import the associated Landscape information into Slate) are located within Slate's Research Configuration Library. The College Board is pleased to be able to provide this race-neutral tool to a broader set of colleges for free, you can learn more about Landscape here. For more information about the Slate integration, review the Knowledge Base article


Registration Is Open
Register for the Slate Innovation Festival 2023 by January 1 to secure the discounted early registration rate. The Festival Pass 2023 provides access to all programming, including Slate Stage recordings, Learning Lab courses, and the in-person Slate Summit June 1–2 with optional pre-conference sessions the afternoon of May 31. For Summit hotel and travel information, visit our Slate Innovation Festival page. We can't wait to see you in Nashville! 

Call for Proposals
Has your team done something interesting, noteworthy, or innovative in Slate? We want to know about it! Be a Slate Superstar and present in person at the Slate Summit or virtually on the Slate Stage. Sharing your knowledge and success stories benefits our entire community. Don't miss this excellent professional development opportunity to connect with other users and represent your institution. The Call for Proposals is now open—submit your presentation ideas by January 13.


Get Experimental with Slate During Interactive, Hands-On Events
Slate Labs are dynamic, in-person experiences led by Technolutions staff. Highly interactive in nature, Labs events can include new feature sneak peeks, intermediate to advanced training on select topics, specific feature focus groups, and more. Labs events are offered periodically throughout the year in both New Haven, CT and Portland, OR.

Building on the skills taught in the Fundamentals of Slate Learning Lab courses, these events are designed for intermediate to advanced users to learn and grow their Slate abilities. Registration will open on Thursday, December 1 for the next Slate Labs, to be held the week of February 27, 2023 and again the week of March 20, 2023 in Portland, OR. Learn more about the events and complete this form to be notified when registration goes live.



Virtual Conversations: Slate Presents
Learn how Slate Platinum Preferred Partners  can help you achieve your goals in the Slate Presents webinar series "Dive Deeper with Slate Preferred Partners." Join us for this upcoming webinar:

Visit the Slate Presents portal in your Home Slate to watch recordings of previous "Dive Deeper" sessions or any of our Slate Presents webinars.

Community Conversations

Join Technolutions staff and members of the Slate community for regularly scheduled, discussion-based sessions on specific topics. These calls are available to all, so come learn from the broad knowledge of the Slate community—including the expertise of Technolutions staff and the experiences of your colleagues at other institutions. 

To view the complete schedule, register for all Community Conversations, and submit questions in advance, visit the Community Conversations portal, accessible from your Home Slate or via Database >> Community Conversations. Join us in the coming weeks for:

  • Thursday, November 17
    • 1:00 pm ET: Advancement: Ask Us Anything!
    • 1:00 pm ET: Configurable Joins: The Basics
    • 2:00 pm ET: Implementation Conversation: Ask Us Anything!
    • 2:00 pm ET: Getting Started with Student Success
  • Monday, November 28
    • 2:00 pm ET: Welcome to Slate: Getting Started
  • Tuesday, November 29
    • 1:00 pm ET: Slate for International Students
    • 2:00 pm ET: "Stump the Student Success Consultant" with special guest Chris Browning of HCRC
    • 2:00 pm ET: Implementation Office Hours
  • Thursday, December 1
    • 1:00 pm ET: Advancement: Ask Us Anything!
    • 2:00 pm ET: Implementation Conversation: Ask Us Anything!

Did You Know?
Did you know Slate can do that?   Every week on our social media platforms, we showcase a feature or functionality in Slate with links to how-to documentation. Check out recent highlights from the last few weeks:


Get the full #SlateOnTour experience with Technolutions staff at these upcoming conferences. Come say hello—and bring your Slate (and future Slate!) colleagues, too.


The Carnegie Conference Featuring Slate Strategy Track
The 2023 Carnegie Conference, taking place at Walt Disney World from January 25–26, will include three breakout sessions dedicated to Slate strategies. From forms to portals to accessibility to reporting, experts will lead these interactive and knowledge sharing presentations. Sessions to include:

  • Reach Your Audience: Setting up for Communication Success
    No matter the stage of the student life cycle, ensuring your Slate instance reaches all of your target audience is critical. In this session, you'll learn about gathering the right amount of data on a student, how to protect your sender reputation and ensure email clients aren't filtering your messages in into spam, and feel confident in your compliance to accessibility standards.
  • Cover Your Bases: Aligning Your Channels for Communication Success
    Students can tell when your departments are siloed and voice, tone, and branding don't align across communication channels. With Slate's enhanced abilities to customize all of your outreach to match your website or digital marketing efforts, you can communicate a singular story to your target audience. Learn how to align the look and feel of your Slate forms, emails, print, portals, digital ads, and branding within Slate to reach students effectively.
  • Track Your Efforts: Proving Your Communication Success
    Collect data on engagement and report on ROI to inform real-time and future decision-making on your communication efforts. Slate allows you to use UTM parameters and assign origin sources that work for you, which is critical to gathering the right data. Learn how to add UTM parameters within Slate, configure Origin Sources that make sense for your institution, and combine all the information into a Marketing Portal that allows your internal users to make decisions by reporting on what really matters.

Full conference details, schedule, and registration are available here.


💻 Tweet & Greet  

We love seeing all the ways that you Slate every day. Here are a few of our favorite posts from the last few weeks—keep those tweets coming!

🎁 Holiday Shopping Guide
The holidays are right around the corner! Make sure to visit the Slate Spirit Shop for all your Slate shopping needs. From tumblers to tote bags to plush toy sharks, these gifts will bring a smile to every Slate user in your life.  

🍗 Thanksgiving Playlist

We've arranged a playlist of new and nostalgic tracks to get you in the holiday mood this Thanksgiving. Pass the pie and turn up the tunes!


Jorge Varas
Senior Software Engineer
Technolutions New Haven

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or into the future? Why?
I would go to the past. Year 0, Middle East, Bethlehem. I want to know what really happened there, and if the answer is nothing, I want to know that too.

What song is stuck in your head right now?
Contrary to popular belief, it's not "Cake by the Ocean." Instead, it's "Left to My Own Devices" by the Pet Shop Boys. To me it talks about freedom as a conscious, personal choice. Actions can have natural or artificial consequences, but avoiding undesirable consequences is a choice on itself. Plus, it has a good disco beat mixed with orchestral instrumentation.

What book would you recommend? Why?
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea half of the people that I have recommended it to couldn’t finish it. It's a novel about a senior demon, Screwtape, teaching his nephew, Wormwood, how to use his assigned human’s humanity to slowly corrupt him by making him do evil things while making him believe that he is the good guy. It is a brutally honest exploration of people’s dark side and how, when, and why we go wrong.

What characteristic do you most admire in others?
Curiosity, good faith, and the constant effort to better oneself. I know the question asked for one characteristic, but I feel that they are chained. Without curiosity I don’t know how a better version of my self looks like, and without good faith, my efforts will feel pointless.

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