Troubleshooting Workflows

This article covers several topics related to troubleshooting the Reader.

Reader Bins & Queues

Applicants not moving to desired bins

  • Open the Timeline tab for the record in question, and click the Audit Log link on the right side of the page. The audit log appears. If the record was moved manually, the name of the user who took that action appears next to the activity. If the record was moved by a rule, the name of the rule appears next to the activity. 

Audit Log Link

  • Check the bin assignment rule in the Rules editor to determine that the record meets the criteria to be in that bin, and if necessary, perform a Check Logic action on the exclusivity group as well. Note the bin that the record occupied before it was automatically moved and confirm that the Workflow Bin filters on the offending rule are not excluding that previous bin.
  • If an applicant has moved forward prematurely, check Applicant Status rules and Checklist rules. Are they missing materials that are set to Required for Reading? Did they qualify for the correct Checklist Groups?

Missing a bin in the Review Form/next Bin drop-down in the Reader

Check the Reader bin settings. On the Next Bin & Queue Settings tab, Is the bin listed in the Next Bins setting? If not, select it with Next Bins Insert to add it, and click Save

Next Bin Setting

Column headers in Reader don't appear as expected

  • Check the Views tab for the workflow. Make sure that a view appears under Default, and that the has at least one export.

Default View Export

  • If an incorrect view appears for a particular bin, open the General tab for the bin and confirm that the desired view has been selected for Default View.

Devault View Setting

Filters not appearing in filters list in Reader

Access the list of views and filters through the Searcher tool when clicking the Searcher icon on the right side of the page with the Search, Browse, Queue, and Classify tabs selected in the Reader. 

Searcher Custom View Abacus

Readers do not see correct files in their queues

  • Check the Reader permissions and the Reader bins for custom read permissions.
  • Check the Query Bases and make sure they are set to the Reader.
  • If the Searcher icon appears yellow, a custom view has been applied or the default view (for that bin or the entirety of the workflow) has been modified by the reviewer. The edited view will remain even after the reviewer exits and re-enters the Reader.
  • If a view has been selected or updated in the Browse tab, it remains until the user clicks Refresh in the upper-right corner.

Yellow Searcher and Refresh Button

Readers cannot add files to their queues

  • Check to see if this is happening in a particular bin or set of bins.
  • On the Next Bin & Queue Settings tab for the bin, make sure that the Locked setting is set to Unlocked. If it is set to Locked, change it to Unlocked and click Save.

Locked Setting

Readers not getting Reader queue notification emails

Confirm that mailings are set up correctly. Workflows built in the Workflow editor do not trigger system emails, and instead, require individually configured mailings from a deliver list on the User base. Refer to the Workflow Queue Internal Notification with Deliver article for additional information.

Reader Tab Groups and Materials

Reader Tab Groups and Materials not appearing in Reader

  • Make sure tabs are set to Active and set to the proper Type (Material, Application/Dashboard, etc.).
  • Check for any filters that may be set on the Reader tabs. If a record does not meet the filter criteria for a tab, that tab will not appear. If a tab appears dimmed, the record meets the criteria for the tab to appear, but the record either doesn't possess any of the materials set up within the tab or it does not meet the filter criteria for any of the material stream types within that tab.
  • Rebuild the filters for Reader Tab Groups and Reader Tab Materials outside of the Workflows tool in the query tool. Determine the filter criteria that applicants are not meeting.
  • If a material is not appearing on the applicant's record, make sure that it is a material of the correct scope. If an application-scoped material is not appearing, confirm that the material is associated with the same application being viewed in the workflow. If an Auto PDF/Custom PDF/Form is missing, see below.

Custom PDF not appearing in Reader

  • Check the Reader Tab Material stream to be sure that it is using the correct PDF template.
  • Check the mappings on the Custom PDF. Incorrect merge fields will not export to the PDF. If the merge fields are configured correctly, but no values exist for the record, no PDF will appear (rather than appearing as a blank document). A simple way to test this would be to add a Name or Round field to your Dashboard.

Auto PDF not appearing in Reader

  • If working in an application-scoped workflow, confirm that the record has that Auto PDF and that the selected Auto PDF parts are configured in the material stream.
  • If a form is not appearing, confirm that the correct form submission exists on that same record.

Reader Dashboard portal not appearing in Reader

Make sure to select the correct portal to serve as a Reader Dashboard portal, with the Reader Tab Type of "Link" and a URL Type of "Portal." The Portal must be in the "Reader" folder to appear here. 

Applicant Portfolios not appearing in Reader

  • Make sure there is a Reader Tab with a Type of Portfolio and that it is set to Active.
  • Make sure the record has a Portfolio on file for testing and that you are viewing the correct application in the Reader. 

Interactions or Watch Flags do not appear in Reader

  • Activities & Interaction Codes that should appear in the Reader must have the Show in Reader code set to Yes. This does NOT automatically set them to appear in the Reader like a Tag. Refer to the next item.
  • Insert a Timeline Data material stream and set the Type to Comments from Activity/Interactions

Material/decision letter will not print

  • Create an Administrative PDF Download Reader tab group and Reader tab material for each material that you wish to download. These are configured in the Reader Tab Groups (legacy) and Reader Tab Materials (legacy) tools, not within the Workflow editor. 
  • Make sure the materials are set to an Administrative PDF Download type.

Applicants unable to download their application

Make sure that Reader Tab Group and Reader Tab Material are set to a Type of Applicant PDF Downloaded for the application.

Reader Review Forms

Reader Review Form not appearing in the right bin

  • Make sure the form is assigned to the proper bin in the Reader Review Form settings.
  • Check the Reader Review Form Into Bin setting. If set to a specific bin, the form will only appear if that bin is selected in the Review Form/Send to Bin drop-down menu in the Reader.
  • Check to see if there is conditional logic on your Reader Review Form in the Review Form tab.
  • If the form appears, but incorrect fields are visible, check if there is conditional logic on the Reader review form in the Forms editor.

Form calculations are not adding up as desired

  • Check the fields included in the calculation formula on the Reader review form. Make sure that Data Type is set to INT or Real.
  • Check field calculation formulas. Make sure to include the @ symbol in front of each export key, and single quotes with curly brackets if using a merge field in a calculation formula (for example, '{{school_1_guid}}').
  • If using a default value formula or a default value is set for a field, confirm that the form is accessed only once per user. Default value formulas will only set a value the first time a form is submitted by a user. For the formula to work multiple times, use a calculation formula. 
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